Courage Campaign fights to hold our political leaders and most powerful corporations accountable to the will of the people.

Host an Inauguration Day Action

Your energy is needed to make sure on January 20 the Courageous Resistance's agenda is heard loud and clear. To be successful, it’ll take dozens of rallies from Redding to San Diego outside of the offices of our elected officials. Will you host an Inauguration Day action to hold your representatives accountable?

Thank Senator Feinstein for standing up to Jeff Sessions

Sen. Feinstein’s denunciation of Sen. Sessions was polite -- but it was also a fierce and unrelenting framing of many of our deepest concerns about him that set the stage for the powerful testimony and probing questions that followed from other senators including Cory Booker, Al Franken, and Patrick Leahy. In short, she set a great example of how we expect elected officials to fight the Trump agenda when it threatens our communities. 

Senator Feinstein deserves our thanks for her work to stop Sessions. 

Find a #CourageousResistance Emergency Community Meetings Event Near You

As part of the Courageous Resistance against the incoming Trump administration, we’re calling for statewide emergency community meetings in cities and towns across California to bring together friends, family, and neighbors to start organizing for the future.

Find a meeting in your area or create your own event! 

Tech companies must say NO to Trump’s national Muslim registry

A journalist for The Intercept asked nine major tech companies whether they would help Donald Trump’s administration build a national Muslim registry -- and only one, Twitter, clearly refused.

Targeting Muslims in the ways Trump has proposed isn’t just ineffective in keeping the country safe -- it’s immoral. Tech companies must not empower violations of human rights or dignity by providing the technology or data to help make it happen.

Tell Kevin McCarthy to condemn the appointment of Stephen Bannon

California's House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is supporting President-elect Donald Trump's appointment of a racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, anti-immigrant, white supremacist as Senior Advisor and Chief Strategist: Stephen Bannon.

This is unacceptable. There is no place for support of an alt-right white supremacist in California politics. 

Join the Courageous Resistance

A Trump presidency is a direct threat to our safety and well-being. The next four years will require extreme courage from those of us who believe in justice and equality. And we’ll need you - your energy, time, and talent. Will you commit to joining the fight?

SIGN THE PLEDGE: Curb LA traffic by voting YES on Measure M

Los Angeles is home to some of the most congested freeways in the nation! On average, LA drivers lose 81 hours annually simply because of traffic.

But on November 8 you could change that by voting YES on Measure M. 

Measure M, a half-cent sales tax, would expand LA County’s rail lines and improve buses to ease traffic congestion and bring LA’s public transportation system -- the third largest in the nation -- into the 21st century. 

Ban fracking in Monterey County - YES on Measure Z

Oil companies will spend millions to oppose our citizens' initiative to ban fracking this November. Why? Because they want unrestricted use of land and water to drill new oil wells and stimulate older wells using extreme techniques like fracking and acidizing.

These techniques can use millions of gallons of water for a single operation. The water is mixed with toxic chemicals that can harm our health, are contaminating our groundwater and aquifers, and accelerate climate change.

Demand police accountability in Oakland -- YES on Measure LL!

Oakland Police Department has a reputation for lawlessness going back more than a decade, when a judge placed the department under federal oversight for a pattern of civil rights violations and brutality. Despite this oversight, four OPD officers were recently criminally charged for sex trafficking a minor in a scandal that led to the dismissal of three different police chiefs in just 9 days.

That’s why Oakland needs Measure LL to pass in November. It would establish an independent Police Commission with the power to investigate and discipline bad police officers, recommend certain policy changes, and even fire the police chief if necessary. 

SIGN THE PLEDGE: Support Fair Elections in Berkeley

More than half of campaign funds for Berkeley elections come from less than 1 percent of households. And seven of the last eight Berkeley City Council races were won by the individuals who raised the most money. This is a real problem. But this November 8, Berkeley residents have a historic opportunity to fight big money and special interest groups by voting yes on Measure X1. 

Measure X1 would help make elections fair by restoring the power of small donors who live in Berkeley. 


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