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Groups want Justice Dept. to define attacks on Planned Parenthood as terrorism, but federal law offers no clear path. 

Three environmental and social services agencies on Monday asked a federal court judge to quickly rule on a case filed against the U.S. Forest Service for allowing bottled water giant Nestle to continue drawing millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest.

Three environmental groups that sued the U.S. Forest Service in federal court to keep Nestle from piping water out of a national forest filed a motion Monday seeking a fast ruling in the case.

A California group has started a petition calling for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson to resign after past sexual assault allegations recently surfaced.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is under fire again, this time by an L.A.-based organization being funded, in part, by teachers unions.

A California organization is demanding Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson resign over allegations of sexual assault.

ANTI-KJ CAMPAIGN -- Just one day after announcing he won’t run for a third term, Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson found himself the target of a drive by the progressive Courage Campaign -- which has mounted an online petition drive urging him to resign. The group cited charges of sexual abuse which date back two decades, and a recent video which has put the story into banner headlines.

Explicit, and tough -- That’s the tone of a letter from Courage Campaign’s Laura Levitt, a former social worker, in making the call for KJ to resign: “The video is chilling...A teenage girl sits on her hands and speaks to a Phoenix police officer in a gloomy room, describing sexual abuse.”

“Many people in Sacramento had been aware of her words and allegations, but had never seen her face before or heard her voice telling a first hand account of her story. We can’t keep ignoring these serious allegations of child sex abuse.

“It has never been more clear, in the face of these allegations, Kevin Johnson does not deserve to represent the people of Sacramento. And Sacramento cannot wait until next year for Johnson to step down. He should not be allowed to remain in office one more day!”

Using a permit that expired in 1988, Nestlé pumps millions of gallons of water a year from the San Bernardino National Forest in drought-stricken southern California.  

CCI launched a petition against Nestle’s water usage in the spring of 2015. According to Eddie Kurtz, executive director of CCI, the petition went viral and racked up 185,000 signatures. Combined with similar petitions from partner organizations, Kurtz said the total number of signatures has topped 500,000.

“The ecosystem in San Bernardino forest is being harmed,” said Eddie Kurtz, the executive director of the Courage Campaign Institute, one of three groups that filed the suit. “It’s not an environment that can afford to send its water to Nestlé to profit off of.”

The suit not only sheds light on the ethics and optics of bottling water during a historic drought. It also raises questions about the very idea of large corporations profiting off of what is widely considered a shared public resource.


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