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Thirsty foods: Musician Moby joined the Courage Campaign to ask Gov. Jerry Brown to “realign” the state’s water rights. For the campaign, that means cracking down on almonds, beef and alfalfa.
While most celebs are making headlines in California’s drought for their unnaturally green and fragrant lawns, a few public figures have stepped up to offer real solutions for the state. William Shatner explained his enthusiastic if somewhat unrealistic plot to siphon water from Seattle. Now Moby’s issued his own idea to save California.
“We shouldn’t be bottling water, and we should look at the other uses of water as well, like soda and certain crops, or the crazy amount of water that goes into watering golf courses,” said Eddie Kurtz, Oakland-based executive director at Courage Campaign, a non profit organization. Nestle is urging governments to improve aqueducts and reduce incentives to waste water. Big water users are likely to increase pumping if they expect mandatory cuts are coming, which is a counter-incentive, Lopez said.
"In a historic drought like we are having, it just seems like a really, really poor use of a scarce resource," said Eddie Kurtz, the executive director of the California-based Courage Campaign which is petitioning the California Water Resources Control Board to immediately shut down Nestlé's water bottling plants.
Starbucks says it will stop producing the bottled water brand Ethos Water in California due to the drought and will instead move the bottling operation to Pennsylvania.
Unless California experiences an El-Nino type storm system by the end of the year, the serious 4-year drought affecting the nation’s most populous state could continue into the foreseeable future. Already the agriculture industry is feeling a little of the pinch with federal water supplies being denied. And, Gov. Jerry Brown has put in place modest restrictions targeting urban water use.
Californians facing the prospect of endless drought, mandated cuts in water use and the browning of their summer lawns are mounting a revolt against the bottled water industry, following revelations that Nestlé and other big companies are taking advantage of poor government oversight to deplete mountain streams and watersheds at vast profit. An online petition urging an immediate end to Nestle’s water bottling operations in the state has gathered more than 150,000 signatures, in the wake of an investigation by the San Bernardino Desert Sun that showed the company is taking water from some of California’s driest areas on permits that expired as long as 27 years ago.
One of the largest water bottling and snack producers in the country is under fire again in California as Nestle Waters using an expired permit to pump water for its water bottles.
A handful of consumers, advocacy groups and content creators banded together in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday to protest the proposed Comcast Corp.-Time Warner Cable merger.
As the drought deepens across California and water restrictions take effect, Nestle won't be making friends with this bit of news.


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