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Composer Stephen Schwartz joins Courage Campaign in urging people to ditch the Olympic sponsor, telling THR it should have spoken out against the policy: "I don't see any difference between what the Russians did in their laws and what Hitler did with his laws."
A negative campaign mailer criticizing mayoral candidate David Alvarez is drawing attention not for what it says but for how it makes him look. The pro-business Lincoln Club through its campaign committee paid for the piece that depicts Alvarez, who would be the city's first elected Latino mayor, holding a wad of cash in a manner that some say is similar to a gang gesture.
Darrell Issa has established a reputation for publicizing potentially sensitive government documents — in May 2011 he leaked documents that had been placed under court seal in his Fast and Furious investigation into a botched undercover operation that allowed drug cartels to smuggle weapons into Mexico.
California Democrats say that a website run by the states’ Republican Assembly caucus is misleading, but there are no plans to shut it down, a caucus spokesperson said.
Fake health-care websites have cropped up like crab grass this fall, as crooks try to dupe consumers shopping for coverage through the insurance exchanges. On Tuesday, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway shut down a third fraudulent version of And in California last month, Attorney General Kamala Harris weeded out 10 phony versions of Covered California in one go.
Obamacare registration has been a disaster as a result of the Affordable Care Act's craptastic website. But California has been a notable exception. The Covered California website works. And people are using it enthusiastically and successfully, at least if you believe the folks who run it. Nearly 432,000 applications have been filed via the site through last month, they say.
If you’ve heard of the Affordable Care Act, you’ve heard about the many problems with its rollout both nationwide and here in California. Now, there’s concern that Republican members of the California State Assembly are intentionally trying to mislead constituents about the health care law.
California Assembly Republicans are getting blowback for a website that points out some of the, ahem, shortcomings of the new health care law. Not only does it share a similar URL to California’s official, but it kinda looks official. The concern is that it could cause confusion for those looking for the actual site.


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