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Amid the Supreme Court's hearings concerning Proposition 8 and DOMA, Cenk Uygur interviews Rick Jacobs on The Young Turks.
In advance of the California legislature coming back into session after break, the Sacramento Bee's Wyatt Buchanan interviews Courage's Rick Jacobs on Courage's upcoming efforts to hold Sacramento legislators accountable.
The Hollywood Reporter covers our petition to save the LA Times from being sold to the right-wing Koch brothers.
The LA Times interviews Courage's Rick Jacobs in an article concerning Sen. Reid's decision to leave background checks out of the gun safety legislation moving through the U.S. Senate.
In this television piece, ABC/CBS affiliate KESQ-TV in Palm Springs covers Courage's efforts to save the LA Times from the Koch brothers.
The OC Weekly covers our campaign to save the LA Times from being sold to the right-wing Koch brothers.
Huffington Post previews Courage Campaign's delivery of over 28,000 member signatures to the California GOP Headquarters in Burbank calling for the resignation of Celeste Greig for her offensive comments on rape.
The Chron covers Courage Campaign's 22,000 signed petition demanding the resignation of California Republic Assembly leader Celeste Greig over offensive and false rape comments.
Politico covers Courage's new campaign for common sense gun-safety reform featuring hip-hop legend and mogul, Russell Simmons.
NBC Bay Area – KNTV covers Courage Campaign's Eddie Kurtz's petition to stop tax breaks for the Boy Scouts as well as other organizations and groups who openly discriminate against gays. The petition supports CA Senate Bill 323 which would put an end to youth groups who continue to openly discriminate against gays.


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