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Stop Gov. Brown's ill-advised, irresponsible prison expansion plan

Gov. Jerry Brown wants to raid the budget surplus created by Prop 30 so he can throw $715 MILLION down the black hole of California's prison system, rather than spend those precious dollars on education and vital services. Gov. Brown claims that his hands are tied. Don't believe the spin. Sign our petition and email the Governor asking him not to waste our tax dollars on short-term strategies that expand prisons. Tell him to develop a long-term solution using common-sense reforms to reduce prison spending and keep our communities safe.

Tell VISA to speak out against Russia's Anti-LGBT crusade

Is Visa's support for LGBT rights real or just a marketing scheme? Tell them to use their influence as a major Olympic sponsor and speak out against Russia's anti-gay laws.

Tell L.A. City Council: Sever sister city relationship with anti-gay St. Petersburg

In 2012, the St. Petersburg Assembly led the way for the anti-gay "propaganda" law that, along with other laws, has now led to mass violence, intimidation, and jailing of people who are LGBT or suspected of being so. Los Angeles has a responsibility to educate the Russian people that we will not stand for treatment of our LGBT brothers and sisters this way. This action will make headlines and show Russia that the world community supports equality. Sign our petition and tell the L.A. City Council: Pass a resolution severing Los Angeles' sister city relationship with St. Petersburg until this treatment changes.

President Obama: Boost the Economy by Lifting 2 Million Workers to a Living Wage

In January, President Obama declared that all Americans deserve a living wage. Now, he has the opportunity to quickly and easily make that happen for 2,000,000 Americans by issuing an executive order to require all federal contractors to comply with the Service Contract Act.

Demand Albertsons Grocery Stores protect pregnant employees

Reyna García, a 30-year-old woman working at Albertsons lost her child when her supervisors ignored her doctors and failed to follow proper policy and law regarding her high risk pregnancy. Join the 25,000 who have already signed our petition demanding that Albertsons and its CEO Robert Miller enforce these policies and law, protecting every pregnant employee and her baby.

Republicans, on immigrants, in their own words

So scary, you won't believe this came out of their mouths. Check out our new microsite!

Tell California's Senators to Stand Up to the GOP and Support Filibuster Reform

Republicans continue to use archaic filibuster rules to prevent critical presidential nominations at historically unprecedented levels. They are determined to kill Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s inspiration -- the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- by filibustering the nomination of Richard Cordray to lead the agency. California Senators need to stand up to the GOP and support Harry Reid’s filibuster reform efforts.

Getting married in California? We want to know!

LGBT people are still discriminated against nationwide. You can help end that with your wedding. Sign up for Courage Campaign's Wedding Registry, providing a way for your guests to help celebrate your special day by making a contribution to help continue the work that made it so. We'll follow up with everything you need.

Demand Resignation of PG&E Cronies at Public Utilities Commission

Jack Hagan and Frank Lindh of the California Public Utilities Commission are putting Big Business first, not safety or justice. They have protected PG&E from fines and intimidated attorneys charged with holding PG&E accountable for the San Bruno disaster. Take a stand and demand their resignation immediately.

Close the Walmart Loophole

Don't let Walmart exploit a loophole in Obamacare to pass its healthcare costs onto taxpayers. Urge your member of the California State Assembly to pass AB 880 and close the Walmart Loophole for large, low-wage employers.


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