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The activists, who are associated with ACCE and Courage California attempted to deliver the poster that acted as a report card on Cooper's vote. The grade Cooper earned according to standards established by both groups was an F. 

Speaking to the group assembled, Tim Molina of Courage California said the third term Democratic legislator representing the state's 9th assembly district did not reflect votes by constituents on several ballot measures. 

Senator Feinstein has refused to support the legislation which aims to address climate change. California-based Courage Campaign raised money for this ad.

Courage Campaign Executive Director Eddie Kurtz said it was “news to me” that Feinstein was not dropping her more moderate climate change proposal, and had scathing words for the senator, saying going forward with something like her draft proposal instead of supporting the Green New Deal was “unconscionable.”

“It offers comfort to the Joe Manchins of the world, who get a lot of funding from the fossil fuel industry, and allows them to pretend they care about climate change without doing something that matters,” Kurtz said, referencing the Democratic West Virginia senator who has called the Green New Deal a “dream” that he doesn’t support.

Courage Campaign has released its fourth annual Courage Score for the 2017-2018 session. Eighteen members scored an A+, they are: Pro Tem Toni Atkins, Speaker Athony Rendon, Sens. Mike McGuire, Bill Monning, Hannah-Beth Johnson and Holly Mitchell, then-Sen. Ricardo Lara and Asms. Mark Stone, Ash Kalra, Reggie Jones-Sawyer Sr., Wendy Carrillo, Kevin McCarty, Eloise Gomez Reyes, Rob Bonta, Richard Bloom, Laura Friedman, Monique Limon and Kansen Chu. Contact: Madison Donzis 210 488 6220.

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: PROGRESSIVES OR MODS? Prospective Legislature-influencers are spending plenty of time these days trying to sort the liberals from the centrists in the huge California Democratic tent (especially wary business interests strategizing how to kill bills).

The mod squad is an elastic designation that varies depending on the issues, but new report cards from Courage Campaign offer one ranking — incorporating stances on bills that cover policing, housing, sentencing, healthcare, gun control, charter schools and renewable energy — to name and shame Dems the organization excoriates as “aligned with the corporate and wealthy special interests.” You can take a look at their list here.

Courage Campaign partnered with Flip the 14 to text and call voters in Republican Congressman’s Steve Knight’s district in Los Angeles and Ventura counties and in four Republican-held Orange County districts.

An unprecedented campaign by independent progressive groups to oust Rep. Duncan Hunter in CA50 has boosted the candidacy of Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar through an aggressive voter outreach drive. Flip the 14’s partnership with the Courage Campaign generated 30,000 phone calls to CA50 voters from California call centers.

There are a few different ways to research how you'll vote. If you're a registered voter, you received a sample ballot in the mail that has information on all the propositions and races you'll be voting on. You can also look at voter guides and endorsements from a group you trust or that aligns with your political views. Check out Courage Campaign's guide: Courage Campaign's California Progressive voter guide

Turning out young voters whom previous campaigns may have ignored is a key component to Courage Campaign-endorsed Joy Silver’s strategy as she attempts to unseat incumbent Republican state Sen. Jeff Stone in the historically conservative 28th Senate District.

California’s state Senate pushed the Golden State one step closer to enacting the Obama-era Federal net neutrality laws that were gutted by the FCC earlier this year. 

“With the strongest net neutrality legislation in the country, California now leads the way in guaranteeing access to the internet for all,” said Tim Molina, political director of the California-based Courage Campaign. “Protecting access to the internet and the free flow of information online is critical to our democracy and this bill is an important first step to reinstating net neutrality across America.”


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