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Chicago police killed a black teenager named Laquan McDonald in 2014. It took 13 months to release video of the shooting, which led to charges against the officer involved. Last month, California Assemblymember Bill Quirk, D-Hayward, introduced legislation requiring police body camera footage to be released within two months of an incident.

Quirk said he didn't want a similar case to happen in California. Apparently, he didn't realize tragedies like this have happened in California. In fact, one occurred in the East Bay, part of which he represents.

In San Francisco, we contort ourselves crafting ambitious policies to solve problems inside the tiny plywood box California law gives us. The reason we can’t procure a bigger box from Sacramento isn’t Republicans; it’s corporate Democrats.

We can’t expand rent control because of Costa-Hawkins. We can’t stop evictions because of the Ellis Act. The state eliminated redevelopment funds for affordable housing. State law requires a two-thirds vote to raise taxes. Prop. 13’s protection of commercial property starves public services. Health care costs rise because California won’t regulate insurance rates. We have a drought because the state won’t regulate agribusiness and rising sea levels — because the state won’t ban fracking or oil drilling.

Do you see a pattern?

A collection of liberal groups is demanding that Google and Microsoft withdraw from any sponsorship of the Republican convention in Cleveland, charging that the tech giants' support would help "provide a platform for the hateful and violent message of Donald Trump."

California is often perceived politically as a sea of solid “blue” – a state, with its Democratic governor and Democratic-controlled legislature, that has become synonymous with progress.

“Not so fast!” says a coalition of groups concerned that Democrats, while they have the edge in this state, are taking voters for granted.

Last week, the Courage Campaign, which leads a new accountability project whose members include the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action (ACCE), Progressive Kick, and ColorOfChange, released the People’s Report Card of California. This scorecard examines every assembly member’s vote on 25 critical bills from the previous year.

The report card measures whether legislators voted to prioritize the needs of their constituents over corporations or special interest groups. Its genesis came late last year when Governor Jerry Brown was trying to push through two big climate-change bills, says Eddie Kurtz, the Courage Campaign’s executive director.

The "Tell Nike to #DumpTrump" petition is run by the progressive California-based organization Courage Campaign. The petition asks Nike to stop doing business with the Republican presidential candidate due to his xenophobic and sexist remarks

Here's the petition's call to action for Nike: "ESPN, Macy’s, NBCUniversal, Univision and more have dumped Donald Trump and his hateful, bigoted rhetoric. It's time for you to do the same by not renewing Niketown's 2017 lease with Trump Tower."

Per release: “A new petition from Courage Campaign is calling on Nike to reject Donald Trump’s sexism, racism and xenophobia and sever its ties to Trump by announcing plans to relocate the sports apparel flagship Niketown store in NYC out of a Trump-owned property after its lease expires in 2017. More than 34,000 people have signed onto the petition since it launched last month.” 

A new petition is calling on Nike to “reject Donald Trump’s sexism, racism and xenophobia” by choosing not to renew the lease for its Niketown New York flagship store in Trump Tower on 57th Street.

The petition, which launched in March, is posted on the Courage Campaign website and explains that the space Nike leases is valued at $200 million and will expire in 2017.

“Earlier this year, Nike immediately dropped [boxer] Manny Pacquiao for his abhorrent remarks on same-sex couples,” said Laura Leavitt, campaign manager for the Courage Campaign. “It cut ties with [tennis player] Maria Sharapova right away after she announced that she failed a drug test. But when Trump mocks a disabled reporter, makes sexist, racist and xenophobic comments, and encourages violence at political events — Nike does nothing.”

 A consortium of liberal watchdog groups handed a long-time Monterey County state legislator an F grade for, they say, voting more conservatively than the district he represents.

Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the lead group, The Courage Campaign, said Luis Alejo, D-Salinas, was placed on its so-called “Hall of Shame” after his voting record was compared to how voters in the 30th Assembly District voted on state ballot initiatives.

“The Hall of Shame includes the state legislators most out of step with their constituents, and most closely aligned with corporate and special interests that exploit Californians,” Kurtz said.

Alejo joined 10 other Assembly members who received an F grade. With the exception of one Republican, all are Democrats.

Nike has a connection with presidential candidate Donald Trump — and thousands are calling for the tie to be severed.

The athletic apparel company’s flagship Niketown store in New York City is located in a space owned by Trump.

A petition from the California-based progressive advocacy organization Courage Campaign calls for Nike to announce plans to relocate the flagship store after its lease expires in 2017.

According to the Courage Campaign, more than 34,000 peoplehave signed the petition since it launched last month.

A grassroots effort to shed light on how state legislators vote in Sacramento and whether or not those votes are reflective of their constituencies has yielded the People’s Report Card of California, an inaugural window into State Senate and Assembly members’ performance on what the group’s organizers deemed key issues for Californians.

The report was put together by the Courage Campaign, a member-group of a larger coalition of California "watchdogs" that seek to hold legislators accountable for their votes at the State Capitol. Its “courage score” ranked state lawmakers by their votes for or against 25 bills last year that ranged from bulking up climate change policies to social justice issues like creating a system to document and prevent racial profiling by law enforcement and closing the gender pay gap.


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