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Lawmakers required the study as part of a 2013 law authored by state Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills, who leads the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. Scientists who worked on the study are scheduled to testify, as are state conservation and natural resources officials, at 9 a.m. room 112. Afterward, Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, and Assemblyman Das Williams, D-Santa Barbara, will join activists in calling for a statewide fracking ban. Activists from Courage Campaign plan to deliver a petition with about 160,000 signatures in support of a permanent ban.

Grammy-winning artist John Legend has penned a note to Californians urging them to support the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (AB 953) which sets out to update California's profiling law, improve public safety, protect the rights of all Californians, and advance community relations. "As a black man, racial profiling is something I am far too familiar with," he wrote in an email to Courage Campaign members. Legend also calls out his home state of California as having "one of the weakest racial and identity profiling laws in the country."

We and others have shared our stories with the public at -- real stories from real people, demonstrating the human toll of a system designed to withhold services from patients in need. In June, Courage Campaign promoted that website with a modest ad campaign on public transit. Kaiser's response was immediate. (Ask for therapy and Kaiser offers only silence, but run a few ads on BART trains and Kaiser execs suddenly swing into action.) But rather than deal with the problem and confront the issue head-on, Kaiser ran its own ads dismissing our stories as "a labor dispute," disregarding that Kaiser's mental health professionals blew the whistle on Kaiser on our behalf, for violating our rights.

It was one of 17 similar events held Saturday throughout California, led by Courage Campaign and groups including Californians Against Fracking and Rootskeeper — all aimed at convincing Gov. Jerry Brown to call a halt to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which uses water and chemicals to fracture rock deep underground and release oil.

Protesters gathered at the Ocean Beach Boardwalk Saturday to protest Jerry Brown’s support for hydraulic fracturing and other unconventional oil and gas extraction methods. The protest was led by the California based Courage Campaign, Californians Against Fracking and Rootskeeper.

So on this 50 birthday, we need to take back the overall narrative about Medicare. We need to fight to not only protect Medicare by eliminating these indefensible subsidies for big powerful corporations, but to make it better and expand it for all.

The Courage Campaign Institute recently launched an ad campaign against Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente and claims the system prioritizes its reputation over the needs of its mental health patients. However, Kaiser firmly denies those allegations and says the ads are "the latest tactics in a union smear campaign."

A war of words--and advertisements--is taking place in California over long-simmering allegations that Kaiser Permanente has failed to provide adequate treatment and insurance coverage for patients who need mental health services.

Best known for platinum records in the early 2000s that put a techno sheen on blues and soul, the 49-year-old is taking on the drought-stricken state’s $46.4 billion agriculture industry with a petition calling for restrictions on how much water farmers may use. Even with his pop-chart reign long over, Moby commands more than 1 million Twitter followers and has inserted himself in the middle of one of California’s most heated policy debates in decades.
California's epic drought has led to increased grocery store prices for all of us coast to coast, and water restrictions that went into effect this week in the Golden State. The threat of $500 fines for wasting water is upsetting residents, especially since many multinational corporations are sourcing, bottling and making huge profits from water from California.


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