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Now the musician has started a petition on Campaign Courage urging Brown to “stop corporate agribusiness from tapping out” the state’s water supplies. He is asking Brown to realign the state’s water rights, “put limits on irrigating super-thirsty cash crops like almonds, beef and alfalfa, and ensure our groundwater is not overpumped and depleted.” Those products, he told Forbes, are “the worst water offenders.”
The musician and activist discusses how policy-makers are like record executives in the Nineties: ignoring inevitable change and how his work with Courage Campaign is hoping to change the game.
A los manifestantes les preocupa que el escaso abasto sea usado por una corporación que da prioridad a la ganancia sobre el acceso de la gente, cuando el estado sufre una de las peores secas de su historia
As one of the self professed “poster children for California for advocating for California water reform,” musician/DJ and activist Moby says California’s water crisis’s biggest problem is that no one wants to face reality. “As a species, it’s almost like we hate consequences and being realistic. I know I do,” says Moby over the phone from his home in Los Angeles. “I hate the fact that I’m short and bald, but I am. I’ll never be a hair model or a basketball player. Actually, maybe that should be the solution. If the state is going to subsidize alfalfa, get me hair implants and figure out a way to make me taller. If we’re going to live in the land of unrealistic fairytales, that’s one I could support.”
Concerned that precious California water is going out of state during the state's ongoing drought, several dozen protesters were at the Nestle bottling plant in south Sacramento Wednesday to urge the company to cease bottling water.
Protesters demonstrate outside a Nestle bottling plant and deliver a petition demanding the company halt water bottling in in California, which is in the fourth year of a serious drought that has prompted the state's first-ever mandatory cuts in water use. Rough Cut (no reporter narration
Protesters delivered petitions with more than 500,000 signatures to Nestle in California demanding the company stop water bottling operations in the state wrought with drought.
Protesters want Nestle to stop bottling water in California
Petition carrying 500,000 signatures delivered to Sacramento and Los Angeles water bottling facilities as state suffers through fourth straight year of drought


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