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Democratic and Republican lawmakers, state officials, interest groups and others reacted to Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State address Monday. A synopsis of the responses so far:
Supreme Court to Decide if Low-Income Americans Will Receive Subsidies Through Obamacare
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday publicly proclaimed he is gay, in an essay published in Bloomberg Businessweek. While his sexual orientation isn't news, his strong acknowledgment sparked a wave of discussions on the Internet and drew kudos from his Silicon Valley peers and others.
The United Methodist Church’s highest court ruled today that the Rev. Frank Schaefer will remain an ordained minister even though he violated official Church policy by officiating at his gay son’s wedding in 2007. - See more at:
United Methodist Church minister, Rev. Frank Schaefer, was reinstated Monday by the Judicial Council as an ordained member of the clergy after he was defrocked last year for officiating has gay sons marriage.
Tom Morello has earned Grammys with Rage Against the Machine, but it's his work "that kicks ass and sticks it to the man" that got him honored Wednesday. Morello received The Spirit of Courage Award, which the Courage Campaign presents to someone for fighting for a more fair and just world.
"The model is the Hendrix of now," guitarist tells Rolling Stone as he picks up an award for his activism
Angela Davidson says she was sold when the CarMax sales associate told her the 2010 Dodge Ram she was looking to buy passed the company's 125+ point inspection. Days later, when she called Dodge for help pairing her cellphone to the truck, she was surprised to learn it had an unfixed recall over a rear axle issue.
Under current federal law, it’s illegal to sell new cars if they’re recalled. But when it comes to used cars, it’s legal. Angela Davidson bought a 2010 Dodge Ram from Carmax, and says she feels cheated. “You didn’t give me a choice! You didn’t ask me…do you want to buy a car with an open recall. That’s the problem I have with Carmax,” said Davidson.
Used to be that being successfully prosecuted for holding a decent quantity of crack could put you behind bars for up to five years. No longer. California Gov. Jerry Brown last night signed a bill that will make possession of crack and possession of powder cocaine for sale the same crime, both worth two to four years in state prison.


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