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SACRAMENTO — California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Friday proposed a massive $113 billion state budget that boosts education spending and state savings while leaving some social programs funded below pre-recession levels, earning the ire of liberal activists that could set up a showdown with Democrats in the state legislature.... “The budget fails to prioritize the nearly nine million Californians struggling to make ends meet every day,” Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the progressive Courage Campaign, said in a statement. “Restoring California’s Health and Human Services budget is critical to growing a robust economy and sparking a virtuous economic cycle that will benefit all Californians, not just the wealthy among us.”
Even as anti-poverty activists organized protests around the state, Gov. Jerry Brown released a spending plan Friday that would restore few recession-era spending cuts to social services. Brown instead called for restraint, including paying down long-term debt and increasing California’s budget reserves. Public schools stand to receive billions of new dollars under the state’s school funding guarantee. The budget plan’s release follows robust revenue growth in California in recent months, and Democratic lawmakers are expected to push Brown for more spending in upcoming negotiations at the Capitol.
Gov. Jerry Brown, sworn in Monday for a fourth and final term, called in his inaugural address for sweeping changes to fight climate change and for renewed spending on California’s aging infrastructure. Two months after the Republican Party surged in a dismal midterm election for Democrats across the nation, Brown cast California as a lantern of liberal thought on policies ranging from the environment to health care and protections for undocumented immigrants.
Democratic and Republican lawmakers, state officials, interest groups and others reacted to Gov. Jerry Brown’s State of the State address Monday. A synopsis of the responses so far:
Supreme Court to Decide if Low-Income Americans Will Receive Subsidies Through Obamacare
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday publicly proclaimed he is gay, in an essay published in Bloomberg Businessweek. While his sexual orientation isn't news, his strong acknowledgment sparked a wave of discussions on the Internet and drew kudos from his Silicon Valley peers and others.
The United Methodist Church’s highest court ruled today that the Rev. Frank Schaefer will remain an ordained minister even though he violated official Church policy by officiating at his gay son’s wedding in 2007. - See more at:
United Methodist Church minister, Rev. Frank Schaefer, was reinstated Monday by the Judicial Council as an ordained member of the clergy after he was defrocked last year for officiating has gay sons marriage.
Tom Morello has earned Grammys with Rage Against the Machine, but it's his work "that kicks ass and sticks it to the man" that got him honored Wednesday. Morello received The Spirit of Courage Award, which the Courage Campaign presents to someone for fighting for a more fair and just world.
"The model is the Hendrix of now," guitarist tells Rolling Stone as he picks up an award for his activism


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