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The billionaire backer of a long-shot effort to break California into six separate states submitted signatures to state officials on Tuesday aimed at putting his proposal before voters in 2016.
Dozens of controversial state bills were shelved Friday by legislative committees, including measures that would provide healthcare coverage to people in the country illegally, impose a tax on oil drilled from the ground and require campaign contributions to be reported within 24 hours.
Here are some reactions to Gov. Jerry Brown's May budget revision:
Deep discontent with Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal among California progressives is prompting a coordinated campaign for more spending on education and health care programs.With most Democratic lawmakers unwilling to criticize their own party’s governor in an election year, outside progressive groups are taking up the fight to restore previous budget cuts. They’re planning a rally Tuesday outside the state Capitol. “In a robust time where we have this type of surplus but nobody is really hurting, then I think it’s prudent to sock more money away for a rainy day fund,” says Paul Song with the Courage Campaign. “But right now, when we have so many people that are suffering, we want to see that money go to help the people that have really sacrificed for the last several years in a down economy.”
When Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was shown the door after being outed for giving $1,000 to Proposition 8's campaign to ban same-sex marriage in California, it was a turning point for both the gay rights movement and for Silicon Valley.
Gun-control groups said Thursday they were trying to find a new legislative leader to champion firearms restrictions after one of their most outspoken supporters was charged in a federal gun-trafficking case.
The cost of corporate perversion in education: Alyona Minkovski, Integrity in Education's Sabrina Stevens, Courage Campaign's Eddie Kurtz, and David Sirota discuss on HuffPost Live!
SAN DIEGO — The president and chief executive officer of the Lincoln Club of San Diego County that produced some of the most controversial campaign ads in San Diego’s mayoral election is leaving the business-oriented group.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Several dozen people gathered at Google’s headquarters on Tuesday to protest the company's membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a right-wing group known to be one of the most influential climate change deniers.


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