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California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown – the proponent of the “paddle to the left, paddle to the right” school of politics — now finds both camps firing away at his actions on a score of gun legislation today.
California Republicans spent a good part of their three-day statewide convention last weekend celebrating efforts to invite more female candidates and activists into their "big tent" - and then a little button being sold to GOP delegates outside a VIP reception at the Anaheim Hilton drew all the attention.
The Capitol Police who responded to the errant driver who crashed White House and Capitol Hill barriers? Not getting paid. Neither are the 800,000 federal employees furloughed due to the government shutdown. But more than 500 federal employees are getting a paycheck: members of Congress.
If nearly a million federal workers must lose pay while Congress bickers over the government shutdown, the nation’s leaders should take a hit to their pocketbooks, too, say some constituents and interest groups angered by the impasse.
While thousands of federal workers across the state and nation are furloughed during the government shutdown, 16 members of the Texas congressional delegation say they won’t accept federal paychecks.
Gov. Jerry Brown said he intends to ship an additional 6,000 additional inmantes out of state this year to comply with a court order to reduce prison overcrowding.
Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders from both sides of the aisle – most of them, anyway – rolled out a plan today to satisfy a federal court order to limit the state’s prison population while avoiding the early release of thousands of prisoners. In the short term, the plan is: Lock ‘em up somewhere else.
Courage Campaign and Democracy of America, which have a combined total of 1.75 million members, have launched a petition for Visa to "step out from behind" the International Olympic Committee and voice their support for the LGBT community and condemn Russia’s "homosexual propaganda" law, according to a statement released on Thursday.
Courage Campaign and Democracy for America are demanding Visa, one of the 10 marquee sponsors of the Olympics, speak out in favor of LGBT rights before the planned Winter Olympics in Sochi.
One of California’s most prominent liberal activists – and that’s saying somethin’! – is taking a leave of absence from the group he founded in order to become Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s deputy chief of staff. Rick Jacobs will step back from his post as founder and chairman of the Courage Campaign, and will be replaced there by Dr. Paul Song, who has been a member of that organization’s board.


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