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Courage Campaign Demands Covered CA’s Peter Lee Resign

Earlier this week, Covered CA’s executive director Peter Lee penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal advocating for narrower provider networks in California.  Dr. Paul Song, executive chairman of the California-based Courage Campaign, and a practicing oncologist issued the following statement, calling for Peter Lee’s resignation:

“In an op-ed this week, Covered CA’s Peter Lee advocated in favor of even more insurance consolidation which would further reduce choices and competition for consumers and result in ever greater narrowing in California’s already limited provider networks. This represents the antithesis of the original rationale behind having an insurance exchange. Mr. Lee has made it abundantly clear that he is more interested in the overall success of the insurance industry than he is about the best interests of California consumers. 

Plain and simple - when consumers have less choices, the State has less negotiating power with insurance companies, consumer costs rise and insurance company profits continue to skyrocket.

“We need someone who will look out for consumers first and foremost, rather than be a fox guarding the hen house. It is clear that Peter Lee is an agent of the insurance industry and should resign immediately.”


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