Courage California Slams State Senate Candidate Nora Campos After Reports She Received $350K From Big Oil

January 16, 2020
Madison |

Courage California Slams State Senate Candidate Nora Campos After Reports She Received $350K From Big Oil

CALIFORNIA -- Earlier this week, POLITICO reported that an expenditure committee funded by oil and gas companies has directed more than $350,000 toward television and digital advertisements promoting Campos, a Democrat who’s up for California’s 15th State Senate District seat.

Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of Courage California (formerly Courage Campaign), issued the following in response:

“The expenditure from Big Oil to Nora Campos’ campaign for State Senate in San Jose, a deeply blue district, is exactly why our work to call out the culture of corporate corruption in Sacramento is so urgent. 

“Make no mistake, that money is to ensure that if Nora Campos wins, she will vote to protect Big Oil’s interests. What does that mean? It means dirty air for our children to breathe, dirty water for our children to drink, and a changing climate that may leave us without a world for our children to live in.”

Earlier this week, Courage California unveiled its fifth annual Courage Score report card of the state Legislature at a press conference at the State Capitol in Sacramento. 


“We couldn’t have asked for a better example of why Courage Score and Courage California are so necessary. Thanks to Ms. Campos for exemplifying the culture of corruption we are here to end,” Kurtz continued.


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