Courage Campaign Announces Slate of “True Progressive Champions” in Six Key California Assembly and Senate Races

May 21, 2018
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The Largest Progressive Group in the State Endorses Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Michael Eng, Sunday Gover, Robert Rivas, Vicky Santana, and Joy Silver 

CALIFORNIA Today, the California-based Courage Campaign, the largest progressive organization in the state, is announcing a slate of six endorsements in upcoming State Senate and Assembly races. The group will be throwing its support behind State Senate candidates Michael Eng (SD22), Vicky Santana (SD32), and Joy Silver (SD48) and Assembly candidates Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (AD16), Sunday Gover (AD77), and Robert Rivas (AD30).

Earlier this year, Courage Campaign launched its third annual progressive report card, Courage Score, which dictates whether state legislators voted as progressively as their districts have on a range of core progressive issues. Those with the worst scores get put in the "Hall of Shame."

Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director of the California-based Courage Campaign, issued the following endorsements: 

“Now more than ever, California needs strong, bold and progressive leadership in Sacramento. Courage Campaign is proud to endorse Bauer-Kahan, Eng, Gover, Rivas, Santana, and Silver — a diverse group of true progressive champions who will be both representative of and accountable to the people of California. In other words, they are exactly the kind of leaders we need in Sacramento.

“Too many state legislators fail to vote as progressively as their constituents do on environmental policy, criminal justice reform, consumer protections, and a host of other issues. With these endorsements -- several of which are in districts represented or previously represented by Hall of Shamers -- we're putting Corporate Democrats on notice: progressives are building power, and we’re coming for your seats next."

“These candidates are true progressives who will prioritize the wellbeing of their constituents over the interests of corporate lobbyists to tackle our state’s most pressing issues head-on and deliver tangible results for the people of California.  

“It’s time for Californians to step up and vote Bauer-Kahan, Eng, Gover, Rivas, Santana, and Silver into office.”

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