Courage Campaign: California Republicans Will Regret Selling Out Their Constituents on the Tax Bill

December 20, 2017
Brett Abrams | 516-841-1105 | [email protected]
Statement from Eddie Kurtz, executive director of the California-based Courage Campaign on the House and Senate passage of the Republican tax cut plan:

“California Republicans sold out their constituents to pass a tax scam that will raise taxes for half of all Americans and strip health care coverage from 13 million people—all to give massive tax cuts to giant corporations and millionaires, including themselves. This bill will drain the federal budget, set off mandatory cuts to vital programs like Medicare, and dramatically exacerbate economic inequality in the United States. This craven theft is an existential threat to American families.

“The facts don’t lie: 92 million middle-class families will see their taxes go up because of this bill - and many of those are families here in California.  They should feel especially betrayed, because this legislation only passed because of Republicans in California’s Congressional delegation sold out their own constituents.

“California voters will remember this, and members of Congress who supported this tax theft - like Jeff Denham, David Valadao, Mimi Walters, Steve Knight, and Ed Royce - should prepare to find a new line of work come November.”