Courage Campaign Calls CA GOP Congressional Delegation "Evil" for Supporting ACA Repeal

May 4, 2017
Brett Abrams | 516-841-1105 |
California Group Slams California’s GOP Congressional Delegation as “Evil” for Supporting Legislation That Would Strip 24m Americans -- and 5m Californians -- of Health Insurance

Statement from Eddie Kurtz, president of the California-based Courage Campaign SuperPAC:

“Today, California’s Republican congressional delegation helped pass a health care plan that would increase costs, reduce coverage and kick at least 5 million Californians off of their health care.  It’s unconscionable. In fact, it’s evil. This legislation will create a manufactured health care crisis in California and around the country, and it was only possible because California’s entire Republican Congressional delegation supported the bill.

“To these Republicans - we have one message.  Your days in Congress are numbered.  You betrayed your constituents, you sold out families in your district - and come November 2018, we will see that you’re no longer representing us in Congress.”


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