Courage Campaign on Tony Mendoza’s Resignation; Says More Must Be Done to Address Sexual Misconduct at Our Capitol

February 22, 2018
Brett Abrams | (516) 841-1105 | [email protected]
SACRAMENTO -- Moments ago, Tony Mendoza resigned from the California State Senate. Mendoza’s resignation came ahead of a vote to expel the Senator, after an investigation found that he engaged in sexual misconduct against at least six women.

In reaction to the news, Susannah Hook-Rodgers, Chief of Staff and Strategy at the California-based Courage Campaign, which called for Mendoza’s removal from the Senate, issued the following statement:

“Good riddance. The resignation of Senator Mendoza, a serial sexual predator, is the least the women working at the Capitol—and all Californians—deserve.

“And there is still more to be done. It should not have taken allegations by at least six women over the course of a decade for a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy to be implemented in our State government. We hope Mendoza’s resignation, and the move to expel him, sets a precedent for the rest of our state’s lawmakers that sexual harassers and abusers will be held accountable - no matter who they are - and that investigations into each and every allegation of sexual harassment and assault will be carried out to their fullest extent without hesitation.”