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We are an online community powered by more than one million members fighting for a more progressive California and country. On this page you will find an archive of our official press releases from current and past actions.

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New Campaign Calls for Nike to Dump Donald Trump

April 10, 2016
Courage Campaign Petition Calls for NYC NikeTown Store to Relocate Out of Trump-Owned Property After Lease Expires in 2017

California Coalition Launches Groundbreaking New Campaign To Evaluate Legislators; Hold Them Accountable For Not RepresentIng Their Districts

April 4, 2016
Hall of Shame Calls Out CA Legislators Who Are Most Out of Step With Their Constituents Priorities

TODAY: Across the State, Californians Come Together to Watch New Mark Ruffalo Film on Oil Extraction in California

March 31, 2016
Concerned citizens from across the State will join together to watch Mark Ruffalo’s new film “Dear Governor Brown” on the public health risks posed by oil extraction in California.

Courage Campaign Calls Out Corporate Interests for Misguided Opposition to $15 Minimum Wage

March 29, 2016
Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown and labor leaders announced plans to pass legislation raising California’s statewide minimum wage to $15 dollars per hour by 2022. The legislation sets the minimum wage to rise annually with the cost of living in the State and an estimated 5.6 million Californians will benefit from this wage increase.

Sister Rallies 70,000 to Demand Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Call For Immediate Investigations Into Police Killing of Brother Hernan Jaramillo

March 29, 2016
More than 70,000 people in California and around the country are standing with Ana Biocini, sister of Hernan Jaramillo, in demanding that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf call on the Alameda County District Attorney and the Oakland Police Department to conduct immediate investigations into the death of her brother

Courage Campaign Calls for Loretta Sanchez to Withdraw from CA Senate Race Over Offensive Comments about Muslim Americans

December 10, 2015
Yesterday, speaking on PoliticKING With Larry King, Representative Loretta Sanchez offensively claimed that as many as 5-20% of Muslims, including Muslims in the US, supported the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate and ISIS by any means necessary.


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