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Our TV ad that could pass Prop. 30

Watch "A Child's World Without Prop. 30" and see a day in the life of a young girl if Prop. 30 does not pass. Right now, polls show Prop. 30 is barely over 50%. Share the ad so others know what's at stake.

Win a brand-new iPad Mini (and marriage equality, too!)

Make a contribution to help Courage Campaign members get out the vote to approve Referendum 74 in Washington and we'll enter you in our raffle to win an iPad Mini, the latest product announced by Apple on October 22nd.

Bradley Whitford explains Props 30 and 32

Check out this fantastic video featuring actor Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman on The West Wing) and Courage Campaign's Rick Jacobs explaining what's really going on and who's really behind Props. 30 and 32.

Was it the Koch Brothers or my Cokehead brother?

Watch our hilarious, unforgettable new ad to fight PROP 32! Then, help us put it on TV in California.

Make Sacramento take a step toward ending the War on Drugs

UPDATE: Senate Bill 1506 failed to pass out of the Senate in May of 2012. We will continue to work toward these common sense reforms. Senate Bill 1506 would revise the law to treat the possession of drugs for personal use as a misdemeanor, rather than as a felony.

Tell Sacramento to Pass Election Day Voter Registration!

UPDATE: We won! On September 24, 2012, Gov. Brown signed AB 1436 into law.

Fight for Farmworkers (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Jerry Brown won the primary and the race for California governor, but he hasn't lived up to our expectations on farmworker issues. Sign on and we'll keep you updated on our labor fights.

Are companies like Chevron paying their fair share to California?

UPDATE: Corporate lobbyists defeated our common sense bill in August of 2012, but we'll be back. Sign the petition and we'll keep you posted.

Keep us fighting corporate lobbyists and holding Sacramento accountable!

Courage Campaign just finished its most effective year fighting for progressive legislation in Sacramento, but this is only the beginning of we can accomplish by raising our voices together. Become a recurring monthly donor to ensure we can expand our aggressive people-powered fights for transparency and accountability.

The TV Ad that Could Pass Prop. 30 (VIDEO)

UPDATE: We won! In November 2012, Prop. 30 passed with 55% of the vote. The ad was played in the Los Angeles market prior to the election and helped lead to Prop. 30's passage.